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Dear Friends:

As some of you may already know, I have recently launched an online boutique motion picture studio that serves as a platform for the distribution of independent films. The name of this venture is ‘Fifth Column Features’ (FCF). http://www.fifthcolumnfeatures.com

The idea started when friend/co-founder/filmmaker John W. Yost and I were discussing our frustrations with where the film business seems to be heading. We tossed around creating something that slowly evolved into what Fifth Column Features has become, which for all intents and purposes, is a truly one of a kind platform in the film world. Artists are able to showcase and make money off of their otherwise unavailable work. All this without becoming lost in a sea of titles due to some algorithm iTunes or Amazon has cooked up to steer you in the direction of what films you ‘may also enjoy’. And viewers, for the first time, are able to pay what they wish to watch and own truly independent cinema.

Over the coming months, we will be welcoming some extraordinarily talented filmmakers to the FCF family. In addition to releasing some never before distributed Feature Films, we will also be releasing original content produced by FCF.

‘White Creek’ is the first feature film to be produced by FCF. Directed by John W. Yost, feel free to check out the teaser here (http://fifthcolumnfeatures.com/films/white-creek/).

In addition to feature films, we will have some fantastic short film and music video anthologies by some great filmmakers, as well as other fun things like soundtracks, books and as always, John’s continuing column in Filmmaker Magazine.

So please Like us, Friend us, Tweet us, Share us, and most importantly…enjoy us. Take a tour of the site, and check out some of the great films.

If you know of or happen to be a like minded independent filmmaker that is frustrated with spending so much time, money and love creating something that never gets to be seen – feel free to email me at alexander@fifthcolumnfeatures.com to discuss how you may become involved.

Just released is Zak Mulligan and Rodrigo Lopresti’s ‘I’m Not Me’ http://fifthcolumnfeatures.com/films/im-not-me/. We are honored to have this film as part of the FCF family.

Also, after a few years of being idle, folks can finally get a hold of my own feature film ‘Bonne Année’. http://fifthcolumnfeatures.com/films/bonne-annee/

Creating FCF has required an exhaustive amount of work, passion, dedication, love and support from too many to name here. However, I would be remiss if I failed to mention my deep gratitude to John W. Yost and his extremely talented/adorable wife Raeanne Wright, for without whom FCF would not exist. Mr. Frank Mosley – by far the most gifted actor/director I have yet to meet and Gergana Miteva, Esq. for being the chicest lawyer this side of the Atlantic. There are many more thanks to come, but they will have to be later…I promise.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present…Fifth Column Features.

A presto,
Alexander Berberich


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I am happy to report several new projects under the ‘Produced’ section of my site (http://xber.org/films/produced/).

There you will find new episodes of ‘Shooting With John’, a web series in which my good friend and fellow filmmaker John W. Yost, interviews various artisans from the independent film world whilst shooting guns.

Additionally, I am honored to have been associate producer of the ‘Aperture At Sixty’ piece that is viewable on Aperture’s home page (http://www.aperture.org/), as well as on my produced page. Matthew Epstein did a fabulous job directing and special thanks to David Yu for a rewarding work experience.

Stay tuned for new projects on both the producing and directing front, as well as some other exciting news…coming soon.

Alexander Berberich


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White Creek

White Creek

Dear Friends,

Many of you have been asking me about White Creek vs. Black Creek.  Allow me to explain.  

Black Creek is a short film/prologue to the feature film White Creek.  Both are written and directed by John W. Yost.  John is an extremely talented filmmaker that I have had the pleasure of collaborating with on various other projects (see link below).

Currently, we are in pre-production on White Creek – a film that I am helping him produce.  If you click on Films>Produced  (http://xber.org/films/produced/) you can watch an assortment of promos for White Creek, as well as the trailer and full version short film Black Creek.

If you enjoy what you see, I encourage you to stop by the KickStarter page (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/johnwyost/white-creek-feature-film) to read more about the film and view additional content.   At the same time, and if you feel so inclined, you can become involved with the film.  Feel free to contact me regarding this or other projects.

As always, thank you for your time and interest.




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Buenos Aires, Argentina


After spending a healthy amount of time culling through all of my films and their related content, I was left feeling even more nostalgic than before. Not only for the films themselves, but for the memories created while making them. Memories created and shared with lifelong friends. Friends I hope to continue to collaborate with on projects well into the future.

As film is a collaborative art form, I am forever indebted to everyone that has ever assisted me in bringing my visions to life.  Thank you all and hope to see you soon.




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Bonne Année Production Office – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dear Friends & Guests,

After quite a long time, I am proud to announce the launch of my new website.  In it you will find projects, both past and present – as well as some bits and bobs that were otherwise unavailable until now.

I must take a moment to thank my good friends at http://clevermill.com, in particular Loren Ilvedson, for assisting me with this refined upgrade.

While assembling various content for the site update, I became quite nostalgic.  The image above was taken during a break in rehearsal at our Production Office in Buenos Aires.  For me, the image is indelible of my life at that moment…in that space and time.  Though that moment and its accompanying image is a part of me and my journey in life, I hope that as a filmmaker, I am able to somehow leave an impression on you and your experience in this life. 

Please take a few minutes to explore the site.  I hope you enjoy. 



ps – have a nice day